Day 31 and the end…

Blimey, my legs are sore – especially my thighs. Totally shredded – a bit like my shins!

Well, short and sweet tonight. Busy old day out and about – still on a high from yesterdays adventures. Have seen some press and photo’s from the day – make’s you realise the madness of it all! Still think it was fantastic – seriously contemplating the nettle challenge in the summer!

…and to tonights exercise – 230miles driving. Followed by an hours pilates – thought it’d help stretch the legs out a bit, but didnt really. So braved the sub zero temps again and went for a lap around our estate. 21mins to do around 2 miles – I am considerably slower than before and boy did those legs ache – big style.

Whine over – what we have achieved is to run every single day of January! Who’d have thought that 31 days ago. Congratulations to local adventures – a phenomenal distance. Also a ‘big-up’ to Shazruns – you beat me by a mile – and thanks for the occasional words of encouragement both! Much appreciated.

Some better pictures of yesterdays race can be found at:

Time for some dinner.

Best wishes to all. Signing off.


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3 Responses to Day 31 and the end…

  1. Well done – for yesterday and for Janathon!

  2. shazruns says:

    Your legs ache now there is a surprise! Well done for getting out and sorry you didn’t beat me-well not really!

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