Day 29…the night before…

Well, very nearly there for the Janathon and even nearer for the Tough Guy challenge tomorrow.

Been out to the course today and to register. There are some formidable obstacles to cross – but the thing that will get us most is the water…the ice was about 1cm thick today and its due to freeze tonight, so that will be a real challenge.

I guess the plan is to get in and out the water as fast as possible. I know one thing for sure – there will be some twisted ankles tomorrow with the uneven ground and it being frozen.

Having seen the course it is certainly designed to sap the energy from the thighs and arms…and then to go into cold water will be really draining…Any how filled up on pasta tonight and will have a hearty breakfast early tomorrow morning. Race doesn;t start till 11’ish so food has plenty of time to go down. Lined up the energy gels so we’ll see what happens.

Anyway – as its the big day tomorrow, did just a mile and half on the treadmill today and a few light weights to stretch the muscles a little.

Hope I can tough-out the cold! I have run in temperatures as low as -8C earlier this months, but this somehow feels different…

Anyway fellow Janathoners, we’ve just got a couple of days to go and then we’ve achieved it. Good luck what ever you are doing tomorrow.



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3 Responses to Day 29…the night before…

  1. I forgot to mention – antibac wipes, mouthwash gargle, TCP/cottonbuds in the ears, and drink something fizzy as soon after the event as possible. You’ll understand why when you see the cottonbuds. Yohimbe!!! 😉

  2. shazruns says:

    Huge good luck tomorrow, hope someone is taking pics that you can blog for us. Heres praying for warmer weather for both of us.

  3. Brian says:

    Thanks ‘local’ and Shaz for the best wishes.
    Warmer weather certainly welcomed! Photo’s to follow. ‘Local’ I’ve already got the imodium ready – but fizzy drink is a good idea! Odd that not many runners share their ‘post event’ recovery problems – would put us all off! Cheers Bri

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