Day 28 Janathon – took it v easy tonight

Well, a busy day in the office today – just not getting through it all and stress levels building to boot. But hay ho, its the weekend.

‘Dry’ evenings tonight and tomorrow in readiness for the Tough guy on Sunday. Going to register tomorrow morning and see if I can see the infamous ‘ killing fields’. Its a two lap section of various obstacles with plenty of dunkings in water to keep one ‘fresh’!

Tonight – took daughter No.1 to dancing and did a very easy gym workout including a 30min 3mile session. Friend was in the gym and while he worked hard I jogged along and we chatted. Treadmills are so boring – it was good to natter for a while as the legs did their thing beneath me.

Felt good in the gym on the weights – really just ticking over tonight and tomorrow to let the old glycogen levels build and muscles get ready for a ‘beasting’.

T’missus cooked a nice slow roast pork tonight. Will be onto lighter meals tomorrow so am not stuffed on Sunday. Will get some pasta in and carbs somehow for Sunday.

Planning a v short 2 or 3 mile easy jog tomorrow afternoon and then its the big event. 10+ miles cross country assault course. I’m told that you need to double a normal 10mile run time to give a feel of how long it might take. Got to get me head into the right place for being cold and wet for 3 hours!!

Anyway, sports drinks, vasline, shower caps, etc all to be sorted out tomorrow.

Anyway, for those doing other runs this weekend, good luck! 4 Days and we’ve cracked the Janathon!

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