27th Consecutive Janathon Run!

Well, after last nights really couldnt be bothered run, tonight was the opposite!

Son’s parents evening so decided to run back from the school to home. So had to chat with all the teachers sporting my best track suit bottoms and top. Complete with stains and marks for a few years worth of use.  They probably thought I was some sort of nut, but who cares. The ‘boy’ done good with lots of A’s and A*’s forecast. Couldn’t be prouder.

So tonights run – into a chilly headwind all the way…4.4 miles in 39 mins which gives me a constant sub 9.00mpm pace. Not often I do that! Pretty pleased with it! Maybe all this training is paying off…

Four days of Janathon left. What have I thought of the experience? Well probably come as no surprise to fellow Janathoners. Started full of enthusiasm and vigour. At times it became a bit of a chore and difficult to fit in around work, trips away, family, etc. but it has finally come into its own in being a challenge – got to get those last four days runs in to match the goal. I’m also thinking that I’ll get through the 150mile mark by the end of it all. If you’d said 27 days ago that I’d got to run 150miles – I would have winced and wondered. But low and behold – have done pretty well, free from injuries and bar the odd couldn’t be bothered night – still done it.

I really don’t know how ‘local-adventures’ has managed 370+ miles so far – but good luck to him. Equally its great that so many people have managed to stick it out – whatever mileage they’ve done. I’ve certainly toned up. I hope others have got their goals too.

Anyway, two days till Tough Guy. Positive mental thoughts. Odds and sods of tips coming in – sports drinks, gloves, shower cap, etc. Any pointers most welcomed – particularly how to get along rope walkways and over 4mtr high walls…

No idea how I’ll manage the last run on Monday, but health permitting, I’ll be able to put one foot in front of the other!

Anyway, off for a walk with t’misses for half an hour…

Tomorrows Friday!

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